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All our BEE EME Certificates are issued for companies with an annual turnover less than R 5 Million and all new registered companies qualify.

As registered Accounting Officers we are fully qualified to issue as such.

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BEE EME Certificates are valid for 1 year from date of issue.


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Bee Eme Affidavit

Only R 195 and valid for 1 year

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BEE EME Levels

All our certificates are issued in capacity as Accounting Officer for an exempt enterprise or a start-up entity.

Any entity conducting a business, a trade or profession in South Africa and whose annual income is less than R 5 million are measured as follows:

Level 3 contributor:

Black ownership must be 51% or more.
Has a procurement recognition of 110%

Level 4 contributor:

Black ownership is LESS than 51%
Has a procurement recognition of 100%

“Black” includes African, Indian and Colored South African Citizens.

For a value added entity (an entity registered for VAT, whose net profit and salaries exceed 25% of the total turnover receive an enhanced recognition of 125%. An exempt entity is allowed to be measured in terms of the QSE scorecard, should they wish to maximize their points and move to the next procurement recognition level.

Any or the authorized verification agencies can issue such BEE Certificates measured in terms of these QSE scorecards - click here

BEE EME Certificate Application

Application Process to obtain a BEE Certificate:

Step 1 - complete application form online - click here
Step 2 - refer to your email as to what we require.
Step 3 - email us all the info. We issue the BEE EME Certificate in 24 hrs.

Requirements for  BEE EME Certificate:

Who Qualifies?

A start-up entity is a recently registered entity (e.g. company) that has been in operation for less than 12 months.

Who may issue these certificates?

Click here for more information regarding this (note 4.5 - page 3)

Start-up enterprises

Start-up enterprises are measured as Exempted Micro-Enterprises for BEE. under this statement for the first year following their formation or incorporation. In order to qualify as a Start-up Enterprise, the enterprise must provide an independent confirmation of its status.

To who does BEE apply?

BEE applies to those who are citizens of South Africa by birth or descent, or who became South African citizens by naturalization before 27 April 1994 and to who would have been entitled to acquire citizenship by naturalization prior to that date.

Such a person may have become a SA Citizen after 27 April 1994 or have a valid work permit, but must not be recognized as “black” or benefit from BEE.

Neither are their children, unless the other parent is “black” by definition.